Boliyoo – Day 1

What’s the best way to think through a new project than to journal it?

This is the journey.


Boliyoo is actually a project initiated to see whether there is a commercial viability of a general e-commerce project.

Other than that, we are able to understand WooCommerce better and maybe we can serve by creating even more advanced custom made plugins for WooCommerce users in the future.

My boss greenlit the project, and there is a graphic designer helping for this project. I throw my idea to my friends and see which marketing or product idea is interesting to pursue. Thanks to those in the know! 😉

This blog post will serve as me thinking through the project as well as my public journal of the journey. You will read the day to day things that are happening inside this project.

To drive traffic to Boliyoo, I used FB ads and Google Ads.

The four FB campaigns I created were:

Four FB ads campaigns that I created are for:
1 – promote Boliyoo (page likes, $1 a day) – stopped already
2 – promote Boliyoo (through story, a.k.a “storyselling”)
3 – MORA Chocolate Scrub (Objective: Traffic) – $0.67 per landing page view
4 – Tart Sisters (Objective: Traffic) – $0.10 per link click or $0.53 per landing page view

When I promote Boliyoo by crafting a “story” post and sell the platform, I managed to get 1 message conversation with 4 link clicks. Well, I only spent $2.07 on it though.

So how’s the traffic so far to the website?

This is the screenshot from Google Analytics.

As you can, the traffic starts at 15th, but no ad has been made. It’s just me trying to finding some product vendors to add to the site

On 21st the traffic spiked because that’s when I started FB ad. Most of the traffic is to the cheese tart. The click difference 6-to-1 in favor of cheese tart. People are looking for cheese tart more than a chocolate scrub.

For Google ad, I’ve started for MORA Chocolate Scrub, but it turns out that the keyword ‘mora chocolate scrub’ is too little. Maybe I’ll try with other keyword or more generalized one.

Need to make sure that those that begin checkout, will really checkout.

No sale yet 🙁

But since there are four checkout events, that means that the ad created are a little bit working.

I need to wait for 3 days for the ad to really mature in response before killing that ad. (according to Aqif Azizan Ads Marathon Digital).

I just created a re-targeting for this particular product and see whether it will work or not.

So I will create ads for all products that will sell under Boliyoo platform.

I guess that’s how we can position Boliyoo. Boliyoo will help SME by marketing the product to the masses. And not just marketing, but also create the marketing materials for their products as well.

On advertising so far, the spent amount is $22.18 or RM92.83.

So what’s next? I’ll create a blog post that will showcase all the products by MORA, and create FB ad for that. Let’s see if there is any traction from that.

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