Boliyoo – Day 2, 3 and 4

Keep hustling and you shall find a way – Some Dude on the Internet

Creating an e-commerce is quite tough. There are a lot of moving parts.

On day 2, I setup email marketing account using Mailchimp. I hook it up with Mailchimp WooCommerce plugin and activated the API to integrate Mailchimp with WooCommerce.

I also set up a retargeting campaign for Tart Sisters. Let’s see if it worked out.

We’ve published a blog post: kenapa beli daripada boliyoo

I finally opened up Instagram Business account. Here, we created 2 promotions in Instagram – one for MORA Chocolate Scrub, and another one is for HILYA Kebaya, just to see how people react to the post.

After that we create one promo post for Wafer Chocolate Cookies. Somehow it worked very well in getting the likes.

What about traffic so far?

Day 2: Today is way less than yesterday in terms of traffic. just half. after all, i target those in KL and Selangor and majority of them are on holiday.

Day 3: on 3rd day i tried instagram promotion and there is many likes on wafer. however it does not translate into traffic on site. people liked it but not clicking ‘learn more’. need to have a better call to action on the ad.

somehow my account got disabled on 3rd days because i dont have enough balance in my Bigpay card hence no traffic from paid traffic up to 4th day.

Just now I paid it.

On Day 2, I stopped traffic generation for tart sisters, and I just focus on re-targeting for that (and just leave it at that). see how the traffic will respond to the ad on tart sisters.

how about sales? right now there are 2 sales.

Misleading statistics?

somehow the data on google analytics, jetpack is not the same. why? shouldn’t it all be same? which one should be trusted?

Data from Google Analytics
Data from Jetpack

Right now I am thinking on marketing angle. There is some strategic angle that I think we can take. Since it’s strategic, let’s talk about it only after we do it.

I haven’t yet done the blog post that I wanted to do which is to showcase all MORA Essential’s products. I asked the stockist what’s the hottest products and she told me what those products are. After this, I’ll be concentrating on those products as well as the currently selling which is the cookies.

So far the ad spend is RM172. If the traffic is 389, that means the conversion rate is quite low at 0.5%. There’s something that we can work on by getting more targeted traffic. (But then, I already expected that it would be low).

Let’s see how all of these will progress in the future.

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